Selected Publications:

Olena Zhulyn, Hannah D. Rosenblatt, Leila Shokat, Shizhong Dai, Duygu Kuzuoglu-Öztürk, Zijian Zhang, Davide Ruggero, Kevan M. Shokat, Maria Barna Evolutionarily divergent mTOR remodels the translatome for tissue regeneration. Nature, 2023 in press.

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*Co-First Author
#Co-Senior Author

Fujii K, Zhulyn O, Byeon GW, Genuth NR, Kerr CH, Walsh EM, Barna M. Controlling tissue patterning by translational regulation of signaling transcripts through the core translation factor eIF3c. Developmental Cell. 2021 Nov 8;56(21):2928-2937.e9.
Preview Article: Giving Translation a hand. Developmental Cell November 2021

Tiu, G. C*., Kerr, C. H.*, Forester, C. M., Krishnarao, P. S., Rosenblatt, H. D., Raj, N., Zhulyn, O., Bowen, M. E., Shokat, L., Attardi, L. D., Ruggero, D. & Barna, M. A p53-dependent translational program directs tissue-selective phenotypes in a model of ribosomopathies. Developmental Cell, 2021 July 3; S1543-5807(21)00520-7.
*Co-First Author

Zhang Z, Denans N, Liu Y, Zhulyn O, Rosenblatt HD, Wernig M, Barna M. Optogenetic manipulation of cellular communication using engineered myosin motors. Nature Cell Biology, 2021 Feb;23(2):198-208.
Preview Article: Engineered myosins drive filopodial transport. Nature Cell Biology February 2021

Byen, G. W., Cenik, E. S., Jiang, L., Tang, H., Das, R. & Barna, M. Functional and structural basis of extreme non-coding conservation in vertebrate mRNA 5’ untranslated regions. Nature Genetics, 2021 May; 53(5) 729–741.
Preview Article:Extreme conservation encodes the structural dynamics and function of 5′ UTRs. Nature Genetics May 2021

Leppek K*, Byeon GW*, Fujii K, Barna M. VELCRO-IP RNA-seq reveals ribosome expansion segment function in translation genome-wide. Cell Reports, 2021 Jan 19;34(3):108629.
*Co-First Author

Leppek K, Fujii K, Quade N, Susanto TT, Boehringer D, Lenarčič T, Xue S, Genuth NR, Ban N, Barna M. Gene- and Species-Specific Hox mRNA Translation by Ribosome Expansion Segments. Molecular Cell, 2020 Dec 17;80(6):980-995.e13.

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*These authors contributed equally to this work.
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Research Highlights: A division of labor in cells’ protein factories. Science 2017, June 23; Ribosomes are functionally diverse. The Scientist 2017, June 2; Subtraction Heterogeneity: A critical step toward defining specialized ribosomes. Molecular Cell 2017, July 6
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*These authors contributed equally to this work.
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Preview Article: Molecular Biology: Entry Signals Control Development. Nature 2014 Nov 19.; Feature: Faculty of 1000 received a 3.0 (“Exceptional”)
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*These authors contributed equally to this work
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* These authors contributed equally to this work.
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Research Highlight: Nature Reviews Cancer 9:4-5, 2009; Feature: Faculty of 1000; received a 10.0 (“Exceptional”)
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*Co-Corresponding Author