May 2017: Maria is selected for the inaugural Society for Developmental Biology Elizabeth Hay Award.

May 2017: Congratulations to Vicky for being selected for the Jane Coffin Childs and Damon Runyon Postdoctoral Fellowships. She is also selected as a semi-finalist for the new HHMI early career award! We are so proud of you.

April 2017: Maria receives the H. W. Mossman Award in Developmental Biology from the American Association of Anatomists. This is an incredible honor and Lee Niswander (Maria's former mentor) was the first recipient of this award in 2002!

December 2016: Vicky receives the Stanford Dean's Fellowship. Congratulations!

October 2016: Maria receives the 2016 NYCSF Robertson Investigator Award.

September 2016: Maria receives the 2016 American Society for Cell Biology Emerging Leader Prize.

June 2016: The Barna Lab welcomes three new lab members! We are so excited to have Theo, Adele, and Vicky joining the lab!

January 2016: Starting the year off on a very high note, Olena has just been selected for the extremely prestigious Helen Hay Whitney Postdoctoral Fellowship. We are all extremely proud of you Olena!

December 2015: Ok, this technically does not qualify as major lab news, but it turns out that our own amazingly talented and distinguished Deniz has surprisingly never done qpcr before. Really?!?!? I guess she loves proteins more, but her baymate Kathrine has come to the rescue. We needed to take a picture commemorating this big event.

December 2015: Having a great time at our Christmas party in Half Moon Bay, celebrating all of the amazing accomplishments of the lab this year. We are cursed with not being able to ever get a single picture of everyone in the lab at the same time, but this one was at least pretty close! We are getting there.

November 2015: Naomi passes her quals! She did an amazing job and also built heterogenous ribosomes out of random food as part of the Barna lab post-quals challenge tradition! She is not only is an amazing scientist but may have a hidden talent for cooking/baking overall, check out the really cool lab cookies that Naomi made and here are some more examples, (someone may have bit off the tail of this one).

August 2015: Maria receives the Rosalind Franklin Young Investigator Award from the Gruber Foundation. Maria talks about the award and her lab's research here.

June 2015: Kathrin has also been selected for the EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship! That is now two in a row. Congrats Kathrin!

May 2015: Kathrin has received the Karl-Lohmann award from the Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for her doctoral research. Way to go Kathrin!!

May 2015: Deniz receives the American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship. Congratulations Deniz! This is extremely well deserved. We are running out of cake options to celebrate all the good news in the lab!

May 2015: Kathrin has been selected for the very prestigious Damon Runyon Postdoctoral Fellowship! Congrats Kathrin!

April 2015: Gerald has been selected for the extremely prestigious Soros Fellowship. This is an incredibly competitive fellowship that is award to only 30 individuals each year, selected from very broad and diverse academic backgrounds. We are all so proud of you!!

April 2015: Our paper on the role of eIF4E dose in development and cancer is accepted at Cell! Congratulations to Zhen and our outstanding collaboration with the Ruggero lab.

March 2015: Congratulations to Kathrin for being selected for the Ruprecht-Karls Prize for the best dissertation of the year at the University of Heidelberg, where she recently competed her graduate studies. We are so excited to welcome Kathrin as a new postdoc in the lab!

February 2015: Congratulations to Shifeng for being a recipient of the Harold Weintraub Graduate Student Award. This is an incredible honor bestowed upon twelve graduate student awardees within the United States from among those nominated on the basis of quality, originality, and significance of their work. We are all so proud of you Shifeng!! Take a look at Shifeng celebrating with special red velvet and mango cakes as well as champagne of course!

December 2014: Congratulations to Gun for doing an amazing job on his quals! Watch him take the sucrose gradient challenge.

October 2014: Congratulations to Gerald for doing an amazing job on his quals! Watch him take the post-quals ALS challenge administered by Emily (our awesome rotation student) in the lab.

October 2014: Shifeng's paper "RNA regulons in Hox 5’UTRs confer ribosome specificity to body plan formation" is accepted in Nature. Congrats Shifeng! This is an important, milestone paper for understanding how the ribosome confers specificity to gene regulation. Congratulations also to Kotaro Fujii in the lab as well as our key collaborators: Rhiju Das Lab in the Department of Biochemistry.

September 2014: Maria receives the Edward Mallinckrodt Jr. Foundation Award to investigate the molecular basis of human Ribosomopathies.

September 2014: Elif Sarinay Cenik is selected to give a talk at the Regulatory RNAs Cell Symposium at Berkeley. Congrats Elif!

August 2014: Shifeng is selected to give a talk at the CSHL translation control meeting. Congrats Shifeng!

June 2014: The first Barna lab transgenic chicks are born at Stanford! Congratulations to Corinne and Nicolas for all of their hard work!!

June 2014: Maria receives the Pew Scholars Award awarded to twenty-two outstanding early-career researchers in the United States.

June 2014: Corinne Fairchild receives the Child Health Research Institute (CHRI) Fellowship.

May 2014: Corinne Fairchild receives the Stanford Dean's Fellowship.

May 2014: Maria is named one of the '40under 40' by Cell.

April 2014: Zhen Shi receives the very prestigious Life Science Research Foundation Fellowship.

March 2014: Maria is named an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow.

December 2013: Zhen Shi receives the Stanford Dean's Fellowship.

September 2013: Elif Sarinay Cenik receives the Walter V. and Idun Berry Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship.

September 2013: Elif Sarinay Cenik receives the Stanford Dean's Fellowship

May 2013: Our Specialized Filopodia paper is published in Nature. Our very first publication at Stanford! Congratulations to Esther and Tim!

February 2013: Kotaro Fujii receives the prestigious Human Frontier Science Program Research Fellowship.

January 2013: The Barna Lab opens at Stanford University!!

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